The Client Magnet

Running an agency business need not be a grind. The Client Magnet is the place to learn the latest processes, systems, technologies, and methodologies to grow your Agency Business.

Get more clients, increase your profits, and free up your time to focus on what you love.

What is this about?

The Client Magnet

A lack of resources, and blueprints to grow an agency business led me to create my own repository of knowledge for growth. And I share it all here.

Is this a system?

The client magnet is much more than a system. It is the operating system to run modern B2B Services Business. Here you will find deep analysis and information about 6 top categories of agency business management, that impacts growth

  1. Getting more clients
  2. Talent Management
  3. Client Retention
  4. Scaling Processes & Systems
  5. Business Model Innovations
  6. Technology and AI

Is this paid?


Access to all information, blogs, podcasts, and white papers is free.

There is a cost for one on one consulting.

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Hi, I’m Anoop Kurup, a passionate growth advocate with a wealth of experience spanning 17+ years.

My career journey started as a researcher at GE. I worked on plastics, advance energy solutions, and on Intellectual Property Rights. My career has since evolved into running thriving ventures across Intellectual Property Rights, Web Design, Go-to-Market Consulting, Lead Generation, and Digital Marketing.

My journey has given me extensive insights into diverse industries and sectors, laying the foundation for my expertise in business growth.

I have collaborated with a diverse range of industries over the years including, Digital Marketing Agencies, Corporate Law firms, IPR Firms, Corporate Events, Recruitment Consultancy, Financial Consulting, branding agencies , and many more.

My understanding of growth dynamics in Agency Business is honed by experience. Get in touch, and let’s discuss growth opportunities for your agency.